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A local’s guide to Iasi, Romania

Hello! My name is Elena and I’m going to tell you some facts and give you a local’s guide to Iasi, the city I live in.

It is one of the most important cities of our country, representing the cultural and economical centre of the Moldavia region.

We’ll start our journey from a representative part of the city, the Union Square. Here you can find two of the most elegant and sophisticated hotels from Iasi, if you are interested in spending time in the downtown.

These two are the Grand Hotel Traian, an amazing and imposing construction, perfect for important people and their business trips, and the Unirea Hotel, one of the best places to stay due to its central location, the safety that the building has and the panoramic view over the city from the 13th floor.


lasi romania grand hotel

Right in front of the two 4* hotels, there is a significant statue which marks the Romanian state formation.

iasi romania central hotel

iasi romania statue

We leave the historical centre, walking on the Stefan cel Mare si Sfant boulevard, which is the best known area of the city because of the fact that people are allowed to walk throughout the entire boulevard, having the opportunity to admire the beautiful building of National Theatre, the city hall, the Metropolitan Cathedral  and of course, the prefecture.

The National Theatre in Iasi is the warm location where take place great plays, ballet and opera shows and it is suitable for the ones who appreciate the universal culture and the beautiful arts.

lasi national theatre romania

iasi boulevard romania

After we travel the entire boulevard, we observe the stately and impressing building from the end. This is the Palace of Culture ant it represents the most significant symbol of Iasi. It also hosts some interesting museums for the curious tourists.

Behind the great palace, there is the Palas shopping center. It is a huge building dedicated to shops, restaurants, cafes and it has an amazingly well maintained garden. Palas is the place you’d certainly love and that’s what the majority of the townspeople do.

lasi romania view

Now that I showed you the best area of the city, I’m going to make you some “where-to-eat” recommendations.

One of the buildings of the Palas complex is dedicated to restaurants and there you can find everything you could wish to eat.  Another place is near the complex, its name is Vivo Fusion Bar and it is one of the best and modern fast food restaurats. It is the right place to spend time with your friends during the weekend because the food is really tasty and the staff really polite. So, if you are not used to the American tastes, you may like to try the Vivo sensations. :)

After all, a place that I love is my favorite coffee shop. We also have the famous Starbucks, but nothing can be compared with this one. Time Café is the best coffee shop ever!

time cafe in lasi

The staff are lovely because it is a family business and they have the perfect skill to make their clients to feel like family members too. They talk different languages, so they are appreciated not only by us but also by our students from foreign countries. Over all, not to forget that they sell the best Italian coffee and all kinds of tea. They are addictive, I swear!

best coffee shop in lasi

Now, here are some pictures with the landscapes of the city. Enjoy!


We also have comfortable and chic places for accommodation in quiet places outside the city and this hotel is one of them. It is good for busy trips during which you also want to relax a bit.

streets lasi romania

Well that would be my quick and long visit of Iasi. I believe the advantages of coming here are obvious.

Hope you liked it!


Elena, the Romanian girl

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