Romanian 101 Learning

Romanian 101 – Lesson 1

ROMANIAN 101 – lesson 1

Whenever I go to a new country I like to learn a few words in the native language. I think it’s a good way of getting more of a feel about the people and places I visit. The Romanian language is part of the Romance languages and one would say once you speak Romanian you can easily understand languages like Italian, Spanish and French. Grammar wise, it’s not the easiest of languages, but one good thing about Romanian is that you mainly spell the words as you hear them.

If you’re planning on visiting this hidden treasure of Eastern Europe, let’s learn a few words. We’ll start with baby steps and if you guys are interested, we’ll continue until you’re fluent (…or almost :) ).


Saying hello!

Bună or Salut = Hello

La revedere = Goodbye (formal)

Ceau = Bye

Bună dimineața = Good morning

Bună seara = Good evening

Noapte bună = Good night

Pe curând = See you soon


Asking how people are

Ce mai faci? = How are you?

Sunt ok, mulțumesc = I’m ok, thank you

Foarte bine = Very well / good

Bine = Good

Destul de bine = Pretty well / good

Nu prea bine = Not so well

Așa și așa = So and so


How do I pronounce specific Romanian letters/sounds for dummies? (what we used so far)

Ă = you pronounce the ă like you are thinking of something and you go: ‘aaa’

ș = this one’s like ‘shh’

ț = ț is pronounced something like you would say ‘ts’ or ‘tz’

ci = is pronounced like ‘chi’

ce = is pronounced like ‘che’


Class dismissed! :)

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